Lakeside Driver Training Centre Timed Laps

Venue: Lakeside Raceway Kurwongbah QLD 4503


In 2023 LCQ will be running four DTC rounds PLUS an Interclub Challenge Round.

Round 1 Sunday 26 March  -  See results

Round 2 Sunday 18 June  -  Entries are Open

Round 3 Sunday 27 August

Round 4 Sunday 12 November 

Entries will close at 12:00 noon Thursday prior to the event. 


These will be an all-day event starting at 0800 for registration and scrutineering, please arrive early as scrutineering can take some time. Please bring a scrutineering sheet to assist. 

RACERS Vehicle Checklist


Results are published here on our website SEE RESULTS


The Lakeside Driver Training Centre is at the rear of Lakeside Raceway main track – see course map below. PLEASE NOTE MODIFIED FORMAT

** Entries will be restricted, so don't delay when you see the notification**


The Timed Lap event format is a single car run for a single timed lap.

This will be an all-day event starting at 0800 for registration and scrutineering, please arrive early as scrutineering can take some time.

Please enter via the RACERS website, https://racers.world/calendar  You need a RACERS account to enter which should be tied to the email address you used with first applying for a RACERS licence

Entry Fee is $100 per driver

No Credit Card payments or payments to Queensland Raceways acceptable.

You must register and pay before the day, as NO entries will be accepted on the day.

If a vehicle is dual entered please email dtc@lotusclubueensland.com so it can be accommodated once the RACERS entry has been completed. 



Click on the Enter Event button:


Select the LCQ DTC Entrant button:


Then complete the entry details and pay for the event.


RACERS Licence and Forms.

This event is run under RACERS Recreation and Competitive Events Resources and Services Licence and Insurance arrangements.

To obtain your RACERS Day Licence or renew your RACERS Annual Clubman Licence please apply on-line through the RACERS website at - https://racers.world/login and complete your licence application and payment

Note: The Lotus Club Qld is not able to accept RACERS Day Licence applications and/or RACERS Annual Clubman licence renewal payments.


Driver Sign on

Event sign on can only be done of the day of the event. You can sign on through the RACERS website or the App your phone.  You must sign on to the event to be allowed to run. 


Other Information

CAMS/AS approved helmet in good condition must be presented at scrutineering and must be worn while competing.  A full face helmet visor is required if you are driving an open car.

Neck to ankles and wrists to neck clothes and closed footwear is required.

Fire suits are not required but their use is encouraged.

Seat belts must be in good order; standard fitted lap-sash belts are accepted.

Noise restrictions apply at Lakeside = 92db measured from a position 0.5m behind the exhaust at a 45 degree angle, with the engine running at ¾ maximum revs.

Dorian transmitters are not used for this event.

Fire Extinguishers are not required but fitting of them is encouraged.


Any queries please contact:

Gideon Street

Email:   dtc@lotusclubueensland.com